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It’s been a long several months and after many false starts we are together at the new farm in Virginia.  Not the one from my previous post due to many issues with banks and sellers, but still a very nice place to rebuild.

It is a leased tree nursery for 8 acres of the property through 2016 but the rest of the 14 acres is ready for homesteading immediately.  There is a stream and spring at the back of the property through a couple acres of hardwood forest.  Then a 100 year old tiny farmhouse that will take some work but liveable at this point.  It’s a place to start.  There is a dirt floor shed that is fairly large and it’s a good thing!  The 28 ft trailer packed to the brim full of stuff barely fits in the spaces available.

Now begins the work of rebuilding – entirely different challenges and experiences in this new homestead environment.  I’ll post as we discover during the rebuilding process.

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