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Welcome 2009?

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  The year did not end well and 2009 will present many challenges and risks for us. 

But to review what we wanted to accomplish in 2008, we didn’t do too badly:

*  Fence around the wood shed for the Dark Cornish Chickens.  – DONE

*  Move the turkey carport to the back yard area and put in blueberries where it used to be.  – DONE

* Fence off the field garden and plant most in cover crops this year. plus purple bush beans and squash. – DONE

* Build a straw bale garden in the back yard for greens. – DONE

* Rebuild the hoop house and plant it with tomatoes and basil again.  – DONE but the crop was poor due to the cool summer and a rat infestation!

* Move herbs into a new bed that ’s better mulched. – Sort of DONE

* Finish the perimeter fence, cattle fence around the acre of brush for Daisy and T-Bone to clear and a space for a couple of pigs.  – DONE

*  Organize the garage and clean out and organize the barn!  – Well, maybe someday!

* Improve my skills at preservation, we should be getting grapes this year.  Grapes did not ripen due to the cool summer but I did more canning, freezing, and drying than in the past including grinding grains for bread making.

* Put in a bed of Doyles Blackberries and Tripple Crown Blackberries.  – The Doyles Blackberries are in but the Triple Crown Blackberries never grew – beware discount nurseries!

* Get Daisy bred by June some how! DONE – didn’t happen until November but she should have a calf in 2009

* Late next year it will be time to say goodbye to T-Bone.  It won’t be easy but it’s a part of the cycle here.   Animals raised on small farms have far better lives than one the factory farms.  T-Bone is still hanging around in case she may be fertile. 


We have been eating almost solely from the homestead by late 2008.  Pork, turkey, chicken, veggies and fruits.  

But then the bad news – my job ends in June 2009.  They are moving the operations to India.  Looking for a job in this economy is dismal and 2009 is filled with unknowns at this point.  It may be necessary to terminate Deberosa if relocation is necessary.   Survival will be the goal of 2009.

As if that is not enough we’ve had one of the worst winters on record and it’s only early January.  It started with record cold, then 18 inches of snow followed by several inches of rain.  The rain soaked snow was too much for the lower half of the barn and it has collapsed.  The snow slid off the main barn onto the lean to’s and they collapsed – the new lean to only fell as far as the plywood wall fortunately so the cows still are sheltered.  The chicken coop has a skewed door but it still stands also.  Everything else seems to have held and most of the heavy wet snow has left.  However tonight it started snowing again!  For an area far more used to damp rains this is quite a nasty set of storms. 

So we enter 2009 with the specter of unemployment and storm clean up.  Surviving will be the biggest goal for this year, perhaps the groundwork laid for the past 5 years will be  utilized in the coming months.


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