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Last year we could not use the stall in the barn for the cows because the rain (70 plus inches in this part of the country) would run off the back of the barn to right in front of the stall opening. It was a sea of mud all winter. To solve this we are putting a lean too on the back of the barn so the rain will drain away from the opening, providing a nice dry place for the cows.

We scrounged almost all of the materials! A friend’s old deck became the ledger board and support boards for the lean to. A pile of old cedar fence plus other old parts from the barn itself made the supports for the roof on top of poles that came from a neighbor who cleaned out his woods. The tin will be a combination of scrap from the barn loft and traded for scrap tin that another neighbor has. I did buy a few sheets of plywood but also used a few other sheets laying around the farm.

Here is the project so far:

Lean to project


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Last year we decided to try Dark Cornish chickens. We got 50 in June and put most of the roosters in the freezer in November – they could have been done in September but we didn’t get around to it! The rest lived in the garden/field until spring. Our hopes were that they would breed on their own and boy did they! They are very large birds, their closely packed feathers make them look smaller than they are. One friend called them walking drumsticks. 😉

I got at least 4 large broods of chicks this year – they all live in the brush and refuse to use the shelters – they prefer sleeping in the trees. So when it’s time to harvest we go out after dark to the chicken trees. 😉

Here is one of two dominant roosters that have divided the flock between them:
One of two dominant roosters

And here is one batch of new roast chicken on the hoof. 😉

One of several new batches of chicks this year.

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