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I continue to work at catching up with spring planting so not much time to post!  We’ve been busy for sure.

The back yard garden with the trellises and strawbale garden is completed for this year:


Back yard garden


I have scarlet runner beans also on the other end of the trellis along with clematis and schisandra vine.

If I ever sit for a while this will be a nice spot for it. ;-)

Plus a small patio off the back door that will have a half barrel with rosemary, sage and thyme handy for cooking with fresh herbs.  These herbs stay green all year round here.


The reconstituted hoop house is progressing nicely with small tomatoes on the vines already!

The dark cornish hens are producing according to plan supplying next year’s poultry for the freezer.

There are many chicks out in the brush now - making it a lively place.


The field is ready for beans and several feed crops including spelt, alfalfa, soybeans, and buckwheat.

Purple snap beans, soybeans, buckwheat, alfalfa and spelt will be going in here very soon.

I’ll be running hot wire right along the edge of this field so the cows can mow all of that nice green grass.

That’s progress for now – more to come as I get a chance to post.


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A few days with nice weather have started everything growing finally.  Up to that point we were about three weeks behind this season.

I found some great yard art for my front garden and got everything planted into that garden including the straw bale garden along one edge.  This year I planted the portions that were covered with boxes, feedbags and mulch last year.  Now I am able to dig a nice hole anywhere in the rich soil.  I put another layer of bags and mulch to expand the garden even farther next year. 


New front yard garden


This garden is a mix of herbs and perrenials with annuals put in to fill in as the shrubs and perennials get a chance to get established.  Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Oregano, Lemon Verbena, Valerian, Tarragon, chives are a few of the herbs in this area.  I also have a mulberry tree started in this area.  On the strawbale garden I have greens, chard, parsley, basil, peppers, and nasturtiums planted to trail down the sides of the bale.  There are volunteer pumpkin seeds sprouting and I may let one or two grow just to see what comes out. 😉


I worked on the back yard too.  Again putting down black weed cloth for two seasons to kill the lawn and then picking it up and tilling.  I’ll add pictures soon!  THe straw bale garden in that area has Cilantro, spinach, greens, chard, peppers, carrot and beets.  I also planted Okra, tomatoes in pots and more annuals.  I anticipate this area getting shady over time although it’s in the sun now so I put in wintergreen, wild ginger and Japanese Lanterns for the future as well as a few shrubs including a new Strawberry Tree.


The hoop house is rebuilt and the tomatoes are in.  They have flowers already so that is looking successful.

More pictures to come as I get a chance!


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