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Well, it’s been  a rocky start to 2008!  I had my two tom turkeys die – it may be blackhead but not sure.  Now I only have the three hens left.  That was a huge amount of meat that went to waste!  It’s been damp and cold, rather wet and cold!  Snow yesterday that is still around and now getting soaked with rain – I am ready for Spring!

 I put an ad in the paper that will hit tomorrow to sell some of the Buff Orpington Pullets.  50 pullets are simply too many for my facilities!  Asking $12 per bird or 5 for $50. Hopefully I can get down to about a dozen regular layers and a couple of good roos.

 Sunday I hope the weather holds enough to do butchering.  There are way too many Dark Cornish roos running around, the girls are getting worn out!  So another 12 of them plus the three turkey hens go to the freezer.  That will be enough turkey for next year and I won’t need to start a new batch till the following year.  That should free up a huge part of the feed bill for seeds!  I may go with Naragansette turkeys the next time around since they are supposed to be really good mothers.

I think Daisy might be pregnant!  Started looking at her on Sunday – the rain held off long enough to run to the store and get 4 bales of straw for the mud pit outside of her lean to.  I would dump the bales over the gate, Kurt would removed the strings and Daisy would toss the straw around with her horns!  T-Bone just ran around in circles.  I think they were both happy for a break in the weather also!  They now don’t slog through mud to get to dinner.  I got 4 more bales in reserve and will use it if it gets nasty again.  Next year I’ll figure something better out on higher ground. 

Anyhow – she looked “fat”.  I asked on a forum and you can “bump” them at 6-7 months to feel for the calf.  Lower right side is the uteris.  Well I think I feel a calf there, but who knows.  Will have to call the former owner to see if perchance her bull did his duty before she moved in. 😉  That actually would be good news!

Been in SanDiego for work for a week, just getting caught up again – and I sure am ready for spring to get here!  Ordered some Doyle Blackberries (only one source for them) and some garden tools.  Still need to get the rest of the seed orders together soon.  Also ordered tomatoe seeds – Early Girl, Big Boy and yellow pear.  That should be plenty!  I may buy an odd plant in the spring to supplement if I feel deprived. 😉  I am hoping the Early Girl will lengthen my fresh tomatoe season and the Big Boys will produce plenty for canning and freezing and drying. 

That’s about all that’s going on around here!


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